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The fintech landscape in Thailand

Particularly good slide deck about the fintech industry landscape in Thailand: Fintech Postcard: Thailand by Paul Ark (Polapat Arkkrapridi), who is the Managing Director of Corporate Venture Capital at Digital Ventures (a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank). (hat tip: Michael Smith)

For one, slide 2 tells you where a bunch of money has been invested, and you may have missed out that they invested in Ripple. In fact SCB is testing its international remittance service with Ripple.

Slide 3 has much interesting stats about the macro view in his pick of ASEAN leading countries. Slide 7 maybe is the most interesting to show you the opportunity in South East Asia/ASEAN from a fintech standpoint: 67% of transactions are cash on delivery.

Slide 11 shows you the entire Thai fintech ecosystem, slide 14/15 show you where regulation is headed (is this more wishful thinking that reality in terms of timeframe, though?).

Slide 17 shows tourism as an opportunity… Thailand sure is a popular destination for people to rock up to; 27% of visitors come from China, followed by 11% from Malaysia, 5% from Korea and 4% from Japan (his order needs switching). I think this is why its quite common to see UnionPay being accepted everywhere in Thailand nowadays – addressing the Chinese market. But that’s not quite a fintech opportunity, is it? Even Alipay is being accepted these days!

Accepted in Bangkok

(taken in January 2018)

Slide 18 on the enterprise blockchain; I can only imagine many are testing this yes. Loved seeing how the m-commerce journey is in Thailand (yes, agree, it is convoluted). I think this is how a lot of it is done in South East Asia/ASEAN, despite there being larger online shopping stores in say, Singapore/Malaysia.

Anyway, great deck, good to know the players. Will be a good reference for sure.

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