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The Bitcoin Baller Party Package in Singapore

A Singaporean bar offered a New Year party package, which apparently had no takers (everyone’s hodling?). The Bianco party at Skyline was meant to come full with oysters, champagne, lobsters and caviar. You didn’t even have to drive your Lambo, since it came with limousine pickup.

Interesting that they also accept Ethereum as a payment method on regular days of operation. And they host Crypto Thursday gatherings too (presumably this is a little like the famous Ladies Nights?).

“It’s too expensive to buy alcohol or (conduct) any transaction using cryptocurrency in today’s environment,” said Spencer Campbell, a 47-year-old financial consultant.

So what do you get for the glorious price of 1 Bitcoin? The Bitcoin Baller Package cannot be purchased on their Eventbrite page.

The Bitcoin Baller Package:

  • Cost: 1 Bitcoin
  • Comes with limousine pick up
  • 2 butlers
  • A platter of lobsters, oysters and Caviar
  • 1 x Hendricks
  • 1 x Ron Zacapa 23
  • 1 x Cordon Bleu
  • 1 x JW Blue Label
  • 1 x Belvedere 6L
  • 1 x Cristal
  • 1 x Armand de Brignac
  • 10 x Doms

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