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Tab Sweep – 16 January 2018

BigPay will be worth more than AirAsia, says Tony Fernandes – “Soon, no more cash on AirAsia. Analysts don’t even know about our digital strategy” – well, analysts may not know about it, because you’re not talking about it. Also, my read on this is that you won’t be paying with cash for food items onboard. I can imagine many unhappy customers. What will BigPay do? “BigPay is a digital wallet which will do foreign exchange (FX) remittance and even money lending services in due course, riding on AirAsia’s huge database of 63 million names.” Interesting that they are going to try to monetise their list.

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) has offered the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP). Have you taken this exam, yet?

$600 Million TONs of Crap – as much as I enjoy using Telegram (nice desktop app, good mobile app), I have to agree with a lot of this; also how is Telegram really different from another chat app?

App creates contracts for one night stands to ‘prove’ sex is consensualLegalFling has an interesting claim to fame: you get a contract on the Blockchain. Is this a scheme to promote LegalThings One/LiveContracts? After all, as of this writing, the LTO token pre-sale ends in a little over 3 days.

Mnuchin Warns Against Bitcoin Becoming the Next ‘Swiss Bank Account’ – the video is short (and autoplays), worth a watch. He is firm on KYC, and wants to make sure the rest of the G–20 (and presumably the world) follows through.

Ethereum traders joke about buying “Lambos,” but Lamborghini just reported record sales – while you can no longer buy a Proton in Malaysia, it is worth noting that Lamborghini has had a great year. “Now, correlation is not causation, but Quartz would like to point out that as Lamborghini sales have surged, so has the price of ether, the digital token used by the ethereum cryptocurrency network.”

Such Cryptocurrency. So Amaze. – short podcast, with Cardiff Garcia (formerly of FT Alphaville), Stacey Vanek Smith, and Jackson Palmer telling the story of Dogecoin and its current market value: $1.4 billion! Don’t forget to read his essay. When you make a joke, your second thought isn’t, “how do I monetise this joke?”

Website Glitch Let Me Overstock My Coinbase – coding error allowed you to pay in Bitcoin Cash, and get refunds in Bitcoin. Keep in mind Bitcoin Cash is worth about 15% of Bitcoin. What arbitrage opportunity! (that’s downright fraudulent, of course). Fixed by Coinbase/Overstock.

WSJ: A Crypto Website Changes Its Data, and $100 Billion in Market Value Vanishes – CoinMarketCap removes data for some South Korean exchanges, and things drop. “citing “extreme price discrepancy” among South Korean exchanges. The company added in a tweet Monday afternoon that it “excluded some Korean exchanges in price calculations due to the extreme divergence in prices from the rest of the world and limited arbitrage opportunity.”” The price gap on Korean exchanges is known as the kimchi premium.

Building for the Blockchain – great read from a developer standpoint, with good context on opportunities/challenges, as well as resources.

From CES, Kodak announced their KODAKOne image rights platform, and their KODAKCoin, a “photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.” They have partnered with a Wenn Digital for this. Stocks surged. Via FT: Kodak surges on cryptocurrency, blockchain pivot.

21 experts tell us what the future looks like for cryptocurrencies and blockchain – long, but you’ll pick up gems. The questions most answer: “Could cryptocurrencies supplant traditional currencies or are alternative currencies a bubble that will eventually burst?” and more interestingly, “Could a central bank really issue its own digital currency in the near future?”

8 fintech trends on our radar for 2018 – from O’Reilly Radar, this is where you see AI, analytics, Blockchain/crypto trading, and more.

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