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Tab Sweep – 14 March 2018

ICOs and Economics of Lemon Markets and Economics of Initial Coin Offerings, plus a good paper: Economics​ ​of​ ​Initial​ ​Coin​ ​Offerings.

From The Information, Crackdown Fails to Stop China’s Crypto Gold Rush (paywall), quotable: “We don’t want to build a startup that’s bought by Goldman Sachs—we want to be the Goldman Sachs of the crypto world,” says Tony He.

Malaysian firm adds Islamic certification to cryptocurrency in what reads like a press release.

No, You Probably Don’t Need a Blockchain.

Bill Gates says bitcoin has been a ‘fairly direct’ cause of deaths – is he still thinking the only utility is Silk Road style applications? Also, from his Reddit AMA.

WSJ reports: Cryptocurrency Investors Wade Into Dark Pools.

Republic Protocol, a Singapore-based company, raised 35,000 ether ($33.8 million) this month from some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency hedge funds to finance a dark pool for digital currencies, designed to allow big investors to trade bitcoin and ethereum in large volumes without moving the market.

Bitcoin is becoming a “nightmare” for divorce lawyers – you bet. Valued at $1.4m even. Are cryptoassets the cause of the divorces?

ING says cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has an account with it

Course from the Linux Foundation, Blockchain for Business – An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies – self-paced learning, and $99 if you want a certificate.

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