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Residential Bitcoin mining shutdown in Malaysia

This reads like fiction: MPSJ shuts down bitcoin mining business in houses.

The main complaint seems to be frequent visitors to the homes, coming at irregular hours, making too much noise and parking indiscriminately.

“The residents also faced frequent power disruption because the mining activity required a lot of electricity to operate the high-powered computers used to mine bitcoins,” said Yap.

Frankie Yap, is the MPSJ Councillor and again, this is more fiction than fact; why would other homes face frequent power disruptions?

Incidentally, why is Bitcoin mining in a housing area a raid-able offense? As long as you are paying your electricity bill, all should be hunky dory.

“He said the tenants violated local council regulations by turning the houses into business premises.”

Is Bitcoin mining a business? What if we all mine for consumption? How many other homes are mining as well?

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